If it’s green or it wiggles, it’s biology.
If it stinks, it’s chemistry. If it doesn’t work, it’s physics.
If you cannot understand a single word, it’s mathematics.

Murphy’s laws

Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic Systems

Due to the factual material accumulated over many years of research and due to the achievements gained in the field of Stochastic Technologies (Random Method, Stochastic Method) and Stochastic Systems with significantly expressed nondeterministic behavior inherent in Chaos, Pre-Arithmetic (Prearithmetic) and algebraic basis representing it have been developed and extended to the processes associated with Harmony in chaos and Nonlinear Dynamic (Non-Linear Dynamics) behavior of Systems in discrete time (Discrete-Time Systems) and Cryptography.
According to the stated working Hypothesis about the nature of Arithmetic and the varieties following from it (Arithmetics), the nonlinear behavior is due to the induction component (generated in Pre-Arithmetic), which is inherent in the real phenomena and processes, determines the binding and the transition of the field into a matter and back, accumulation and loss of energy, transformation of matter. (Appendix II).

For information, the phenomenological scientific results and physical analogies, both in discrete time (Discrete-Time Systems) and in continuous time (Continuous-Time Systems), are consistent with the knowledge of lost ancient civilizations and the accumulated experimental data. They lead to the creation and development of qualitatively new technologies in information science, optics and radionics, energy and acoustics, communications and transportation, materials science and geology, agriculture, ecology, biology and medicine.

In order to confirm the stated working hypothesis, the year 2009 marked the beginning of works on the development of approaches to physical interpretation of Pre-Arithmetics. By that time, the use of color graphics made it possible to design an experimental prototype of a computer model of electrodynamics in moving media.
Nonlinear effects and optical phenomena observed in the experiments and prescribed by Pre-Arithmetic show new properties of natural phenomena and the need for further research aimed at consolidating the results obtained, at exhaustively complete physical interpretation of Pre-Arithmetics and at development of solutions generated by these Pre-Arithmetics.

In this case, I emphatically reject, without evidence of the facts and constructive dialogue, all future attempts to unsubstantiated allegations of pseudo-scientific approach. Strictly speaking, life shows the opposite, that such statements are usually voiced by people who are not guided by pride and personal interests rather than scientific truth.


Actually, to prove the opposite, with the entire volume of the accumulated material (and this should be taken into account), it is necessary to refute «The hypothesis about the nature of Arithmetic». This hypothesis and its applied results clearly imply that from a scientific, dialectical, and system-wide point of view, our knowledge reflects only a small part of what is actually happening in nature.

Igor Kulakov, Игорь Кулаков