Despite threats from the outside, despite all kinds of
feuding from within, there has not been such a case
that Russia has not renewed its power.

M.V. Lomonosov (1711-1765)

«Initiative 2011». Stochastic Technology.
Innovation a Breakthrough in Cryptography and Security Provisioning

The development of information and communication systems, mastering of the radio frequency identification technology (RFID), contactless microsensor technologies, establishment of the Extended Internet Systems and ‘Cloud’ Technologies has launched a qualitative upgrade and conquest of the physical layer of processing. Under these conditions, breakthrough solutions introduced into this innovation process are an object of pride and care of technologically advanced states.
Unfortunately, there are other examples. Thus, because of the collapse of the scientific and technological base, and empty statements of government officials, Russia will evidently play a humiliating role of a statisti-cian and of a secondary market in this fast-paced innovation process. In this case, the efforts and short-sighted policy pursued by the Russian companies are intended not for ordinary consumers, but for the inter-ests of trade networks, transnational corporations and monopolies. All this does not win Russia immense prestige and in fact nothing changes in its innovative development.

Meanwhile, as was shown by studies performed in the framework of the «Initiative 2011» Program and in the framework of the «Initiative 2007» Program, which combined the efforts of the leading experts, Russia is ready for innovative breakthrough in this field. This became possible due to discoveries in the field of Agebra (Pre-Arithmetics), due to the Stochastic Technologies (Random Method, Stochastic Method) constructed on the basis of the discoveries and due to the breakthrough (following from them) in the field of Symmetric Cryptography (Stochastic Cryptography) and Security Provisioning (Stochastic System).

The «Initiative 2011» Program.

Patents, Analytics and Analysis

First research works. Attraction of investments.

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Igor Kulakov, Игорь Кулаков